Heuristic Review
Email marketing Heuristic evaluation is the most common and the cheapest method of usability evaluation of a prototype. Its a method of usability research within which the usability experts evaluate and judge whether each element of the interface follows a list of developed usability heuristics.

Once the observations are noted down, the are evaluated by the experts with reference to the establised guidelines and principles and then they are sorted out on the basis of severity. The basic aim of an heuristic evaluation is to find usability problems in an interface design and rectify them as a part of iterative design process.

It is adviced and beneficial to carry a heuristic evaluation at early prototypes so as to avoid any waste of time and effort and also to get a good estimate of how much the user interface can be enhanced.

A heuristic evaluation generally hilights the following usability problems in an interface:

  • Lay-out and information structuring
  • Use of colours
  • Consistency of the terminology
  • Consistency of the interaction mechanisms

Our team of evaluators with their diverse experience of working with varied projects have a proven capability to diagnose the most trivial usability issues amongst the most complex designs hence improving the effectiveness and signifance of the method.