Email marketing We at DoodleBunch believe that great photography demands not the ability to see new things but to see things with new eyes. One of the joys of photography is that you are blissfully unaware of the magic that awaits you in the next moment.

From industrial photography to consumer products to food and architecture to nature stills and Fashion Portfolios, we have always been inspired as much by the subjects that our lenses have captured, as by our passion to add life to the stills.

We belong to the school of thought, which scribbles on paper for a planned shoot or mental sketches for an unplanned click outdoors. Then again, this type of "pre-visualisation" is not limited to the field of photography alone. We apply a similar technique in our post shoot editing and other designing and color correction jobs.

We strongly believe that it's not the photographer but the subject that decides when and where it wants to be showcased. For example, sometimes a cute kids portfolio is best emphasised not in the close confined indoors but against the open skies of outdoors.

While photography is founded on the ability to see and record, it expresses itself only through a competence of technique.

The corporate assignments that we undertake feature a range inanimate industrial products to highly exciting people. Corporate photography instills a discipline that enables one to respect the value of time and the rigors of either a controlled or a perplexing setting.