User Profiling
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User profiling is creation of a profile of who your users are what they want. User profiles are attributes of people who are perspective users of your site and will use or buy your product. These profiles are then used to group and prioritise the activities of users. Knowing who your target audiences are and what they need is the first, vital step in meeting their needs.

Within user profiling we try and define precisely our target audiences on the basis of following general criteria:

  • Internet skills/experience
  • Background
  • Language skills
  • Demographic group
  • Activity or information requirements

Therefore if we are developing a portal for a particular community with restricted social norms and educational constraints, we need to precisely hilight the constraints in the user profile so that it narrows the scope of design to be very community specific.

To develop User profiles we conduct:

  • Web Research and Analysis
  • Interviews with the stake Holders
  • Interviews with the Users
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